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Race Track Style Corny Keg

Race Track Style Corny Keg

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These are used Racetrack Style Ball Lock Kegs.  Kegs will include Pressure Relief Valve Lid
Pressure tested 5 gallon, stainless steel, Ball lock Racetrack keg. These tanks are guaranteed to hold pressure. 25" tall and 8.5" diameter. Tanks will show normal wear and tear. Some kegs may have stickers.  These kegs also have some syrup residue in tanks, we only dump and rinse them. Kegs are made by either Cornelius, Firestone (also called Spartenburg) or Italian construction. The gas dip tube on these kegs are plastic.  These kegs also have a plastic insert between the poppet and the dip tube that may need replaced.  We only remove the poppets if there is a leak and replace the poppet and inserts if needed.  

Kegs will have new post o-rings.  Each keg will get a brand new lid o-ring.
Some homebrewers are more picky than others, so please keep in mind that these are USED kegs. Some of these kegs are probably 30 to 40 years old. Do not expect new kegs. These kegs are going to show normal wear and tear. Most of the kegs have black protective tops and bottoms.
If you are unhappy with your used 5 Gallon Corny Kegs for any reason, we will gladly take them back. The purchaser will be responsible for return shipping charges.
Brand new parts including, lids, plastic insert nut, liquid diptube grommet, plastic gas diptube, and both lid o-rings made for the RaceTrack kegs are now available. 

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