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KB Modular Home Brewing System Single Module with Burner

KB Modular Home Brewing System Single Module with Burner

$ 325.00

KB Modular Home Brewing System Single Module
with Banjo Burner
The KB Modular Home Brewing System is unlike other brewing stands due to the fact that the modules have fully extended legs that encloses and protects the brewing kettle.  One of the legs are removable at the bottom of the kettle to allow the brewer to slide the kettle out of the stand instead of lifting above the leg extensions.  The stand houses and secures the burner completely with a C-channel.  The module is designed using a bayou classic banjo burner assembly.  The system also allows a home brewer to start with this one single modular component and may continue to add additional components as they progress with their hobby unlike others that mandate you start with new equipment as you progress.  The system also has various add-on accessories to allow different types of brewing such as brew-in-a-bag, cooler mashing, mounting locations for pumps and chillers.  The system is made of fabricated steel and painted black with high-heat paint.  Each module includes four casters to make the system mobile and easy to store.  The module stands 42” tall from the floor and is 14 inches square at all points.  The stand can house kettles with capacities from five gallons to 15.5 gallons and is also made to fit keggles.  This module also contains a Banjo Burner assembly.

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