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Carb Stone, In-Line 1/4 MFL 5 Micron Diffuser

Carb Stone, In-Line 1/4 MFL 5 Micron Diffuser

$ 14.95

Carb Stone, In-Line 1/4 MFL Carbonating Stone Only

- 5 Micron Diffuser
- Used for creating a removable carb-stone system.
- Works with all stainless product tanks.
- 1/4" MFL Connection

You can carbonate in 2-4 of days if you increase the pressure slowly. Start at 1-2 psi, and just increase the psi a touch every hour or two. The absolute pressure on the regulator isn't important, just work it up slowly towards your final serving pressure. The key is that the regulator is set to a higher pressure than what is in the headspace of the keg, so that CO2 will enter the keg. You can do this 2 ways: either increase the pressure on the regular, or keep the regulator at the same pressure purge some CO2 from the keg to reduce pressure inside the keg.

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