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25 Ft Copper Immersion Wort Chiller

25 Ft Copper Immersion Wort Chiller

$ 69.00

It doesn't matter if you're making extract or all grain, you have to bring the wort down to temperature in order to pitch the yeast, and you have to bring it down quickly so you aren't incorporating any nasty bugs into your beer.  Unless you're looking at a small 1-gallon batch that can be put into an ice bath, you're going to want a good wort chiller.

No matter if you're just starting out with home-brewing or you've given up commercial brews years ago, a wort chiller is an absolute necessity in the brewing process.  With Keggle Brewings immersion wort chiller, we give you the best return on investment.

Simply hook up the hose to your tap, place the coil of 3/8" copper tubing into the wart and run the other end to a drain. The cold tap water will quickly feed through the coil, maximizing it's time in the wort to turn out warm water on the other side. Just drop the immersion chiller into the brew pot.

The preferred method of sanitation is to make sure it is clean to the eye and then include the copper portion of the unit in the wort during the last 15 minutes of the boil, this will kill any wild yeasts or unsanitary pests that might be introduced.Once it's taken off the boil you can immediately start cooling it off just by hooking up the line and turning on the water.

Our wort chiller is apporximate 9.5" in diameter, the coils are 6"-7" tall and 15.5" in total height.  The coil is made of 3/8" copper tubing and is 25 feet long to ensure maximum surface area for the hot wort to contact the cold water.

The copper ends are connected by a secure clamp to the vinyl hoses. hoses are easily replaced if punctured or damaged and will help to ensure your chiller a long life.  Due to being made from soft copper tubing, the immersion chiller can be slightly deformed during shipping, but is easily bent back into shape with gentle force.

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