Making Homebrewing Fun
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Ok, so you’ve decided to let us build your Keggle. Good choice, we have made hundreds maybe thousands of Keggles for a lot of satisfied customers. No two keggles are the same. Our Keggles are all hand crafted just like the homebrew you will make in them. Remember our Keggles are not perfect but damn near. We have a few more questions.

Are going to do brew in a bag or extract batches? Then you would need our Keggle with Ball Valve and Thermometer

Do you plan to do all grain brewing with a cooler as you’re your mash tun? Then you probably need Keggle with Ball Valve and Thermometer as your boil kettle and the second one for a Hot Liquor Tank unless you have been doing five-gallon batches then just use that kettle. 

Don’t have anything and want to do all grain brewing. You probably need two Keggle with Ball Valve and Thermometer and a Complete Home Brewing Keggle for your mash tun. Not sure give us a call we love talking to fellow homebrewers.

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