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Are you new Home Brewing?  Lots of possibilities, the first place to start is finding a Home brewing club in your area or online. Homebrew clubs are a  great place to learn the craft and to be around like-minded folks well that's just great. There are several reasons to join a home brewing club learning is just the start.  We discuss the other benefits of being a member of a local club below.  

American HomeBrewing Assocation

The easiest way to find a club near you is to go to the American Homebrew Association for an up-to-date list of homebrewing clubs. The AHA is an excellent resource for novice homebrewer as well as the seasoned brewmaster. Want to Join the AHA you can add it to your cart here. Join AHA 


  You can’t find a club locally don't fret, the online community is always buzzing some folks are louder than other however they love to help.  I recommend brew talk I am on there answering questions enjoying a conversation.  Just to get you started Homebrew talk and AHA Forums have some great conversations.

Sometimes, however, we have to take things into your own hands. You have decided to make your own beer; Let's share that passion for home brewing. We can help you off on the right foot; we have a homebrew club starter kit, having been on the board of my local club I have learned a few things. 

If you already have a club, the Homebrew resource pdf downloaded and no cost. Please share and use theses resources for your new club as well as the clubs predate the discovery of beer.  

 The Brewing Network did a podcast on how to start a homebrew club Get some friends and start a new club, let me know how I can help your club succeed.  

Club Meetings - Most clubs hold meeting monthly and always welcome new members or visitors. Dues are usually very inexpensive. One of the clubs I am a member of is Three Rivers Underground Brewers (TRUB) and their dues are $20.00 a year.

Some clubs may take road trips to new breweries, wineries, distilleries or brewing events. You can request experts to come and give short seminars, presentation of new equipment always fun.    

 Being part of a club is also a good way to show your community that home brewing is more than just about drinking beer. Giving back is a part of the homebrew culture whether its time money or even beer. TRUB, we hold an annual event called Brewing Up A Cure in which we raise money for Cystic Fibrosis in which we raised almost 250K to help find a cure. It is a lot of work, but the event is spectacular.  

 If the AHA conference is close to you that year, members of clubs will go as a group and serve at club night. And what a very good time that is! The swag let me tell you, you walk away with some new ideas 


The Gauntlet of Death, Will you Be victorious? Will men sing of your beer?

 Clubs are the best way to compete, show off your homebrew. TRASH is a local club which holds an annual competition. They have held this event for 26 years and is very popular in the northeast region of the country. Being a part of a club is an excellent way to help promote the craft of home brewing. Not to mention having a beautiful shiny award for the best home brew feels pretty good if I don't say so myself. 


 Most importantly, being a part of a club will help you make better beer by learning new or different techniques, finding the best way to use your equipment and also fellow members will provide you with feedback on your beer.  Remember the feedback is to help, not to criticize your home brew.

Being a member of a club also allows you the opportunity to serve your beer with your club at those events you go to now and say “Wow, those were some pretty good beers”. Serving at those events people will say that about your beers.

Find a club, you will enjoy it.

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