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Cocktail serving kit FAQ

Cocktail serving FAQ

  • What equipment do I need to have cocktails on taps?

You will need one of our cocktail serving kits.  Our kits include a reconditioned  5-gallon keg which will hold 640 ounces of liquid. When creating batch recipes, you’ll want to leave a little room to shake the keg regularly, to make sure all of the ingredients remain mixed, stainless steel disconnects, and a carbonating lid.


  • Why do I need stainless steel disconnects?

Stainless steel disconnects are much more durable and make changing out kegs easier.


  • What is the benefit of a carbonating lid?

A carbonating keg lid allows you to force carbonate quickly using the attached .5 micron stone.


  • What gas tank do I need if I am not connecting to beer serving gas?

If you are serving still drinks including wine, you will need a Nitrogen gas tank and a nitrogen regulator

If are serving carbonated you will need a CO2 gas tank and a CO2 regulator.

You will also need hose from the regulator to the keg. We can install this hose before shipping.

  • How much pressure do I need to serve draft cocktails?

If serving still cocktails, dispense at whatever pressure allows your cocktail to flow freely.


If serving carbonated cocktails, you will need to figure out the proper pressure for maintaining your preferred level of carbonation. PSI will depend on how fizzy you want the drink.


  • What do I need to know about set up?

If you are setting up new taps for your draft cocktails you will need a tap tower, we have these with one, two or three faucets.  These towers include 5 ft of liquid hose, which work good for a direct draw system is the right solution if you have room for refrigerated keg units beneath or very near your taps.

If you are adding a new line (long draw) from your walk in cooler you will need to contact your local draft beer service. 

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