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KB Modular Home Brewing System

I have been a home brewer for 15 years.  Just like you, I have faced the same issues.  I'm continually battling for time and space for my brew day and brewing system.  And just like you, that may mean not brewing as often because of the time it take to pull my system out, set it up, clean and put my system back away. Sometimes you have to move two vehicles and half your garage just to brew.  Sometimes it is almost not worth the time and effort.  It happens to all of us.  The question now is WHY?

We have spent several years developing the KB Modular Home Brewing System.  Now instead of moving both cars, tearing half your garage apart, brewing, waiting to finish brewing to clean up and then putting everything back, our new KB modular system lets you store components of your system in separate locations.  Note that each component takes about the same space as a shop vac.  The system allows you to clean and store away each component of the KB system as you go.  When you are done sparging, clean and put the HLT back in its place.  When you are done with the mash tun and waiting for a boil, do the same.  Now everything is clean and stored away except your boil kettle.  Each modular stand is made to fit Keggles, most 16 gallon and smaller kettles and the popular Bayou Classic Banjo burners. We at Keggle Brewing are proud to have the only modular brewing system. This will make your brew day easier, save you time and hopefully more fun.  Each module can be ordered with or without burner or kettle.

All modules and accessories are MADE IN USA.  Patent Pending.  

Modules starting at $225.00

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