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Corny keg rebuild kit

Corny keg rebuild kit

$ 17.95

Rebuild Kit for Cornelius Ball Lock style kegs

This Kit contains the items necessary to service your Keg. All kegs will require servicing from time to time to ensure they maintain perfect pressure. These parts are all very handy to have in your tool box if your keg suddenly looses pressure or springs a leak. With good care you will ensure your stainless steel kegs last forever. These kits work with most kegs. 

Contents of the Kit

This Service Kit Contains the following components

  • 2 x Keg Post Universal Poppet Valves
  • Pressure relief valve
  • 1 x Keg Lid O-ring
  • 2 x Keg Post O-rings 
  • 2 x Keg Dip Tube O-rings 

How these parts are used

  • The Keg Post Poppet Valves are the spring loaded valves with a rubber seal that go underneath the keg post. One is used for the liquid post and one is used for the gas post. These need replacing from time to time to ensure the perfect seal. Simply unscrew the posts and replace the part. The new poppet will form the perfect seal once it is compressed a few times and the new spring looses its initial stiffness.
  • Keg Pressure relief valves screws into the keg lid.Use the ring pull to relieve preeure from the keg
  • The Keg Lid O-ring simply goes under the lid. Lids can leak pressure when the old o-ring gets hard and compressed
  • The keg post O Rings are on the outside of the post form a seal between the post and the disconnect.
  • The Keg dip tube o rings is the tiny O-rings compatible with the dip tube which delivers the beer from the bottom of the keg
  • Rebuild kit instructions



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