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Home Brewing Keggle

Home Brewing Keggle

$ 275.00

 Keg Kettle: is a used handcrafted 15.5-gallon keg. This Keggle has three (3) 1/2-inch full stainless couplers attached with a stainless weld. One coupler fitted with a new 3-piece Stainless Steel Ball Valve connected to the Keggle with a stainless steel nipple. The second coupler fitted with a 3 inch 0 to 250 Thermometer, to ensure proper temperature either when mashing, heating sparge water or cooling the finished product. The third coupler fitted with a Keggle Brewing sight gauge, to make it simple to know how much liquid is in your mash tun, HLT or boil kettle.  The 12-inch opening is the cleaned and de-burred.  Lid not included

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