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KB 40 Plate Deluxe Chiller

KB 40 Plate Deluxe Chiller

$ 119.00

A large and efficient wort chiller at an excellent price! Cool your wort quickly to get the best cold break possible, resulting in better beer, every batch. This chiller comes equipped with 1/2" MPT Wort in/out, and 3/4" MPT Water in/out. We recommend back flushing your plate chillers right after every use to help ensure that they're clean and bacteria free prior to the next batch. To make sure, you may want to run boiling water through the wort plates prior to starting.

HOW IT WORKS; Hot Wort passes from the port on the left of the heat exchanger through every other channel created by the plates to the opposite end port on the left of the heat exchanger (looking at it the long way). Cold Water passes from the port on the right through the other channels created by the plates and comes out the other port on the right side. The fluids are essentially touching each other through the plates and heat is transferred from the hot fluid to the cold fluid

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