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Stainless Steel Valve Kit for Cooler With Hose Barb

Stainless Steel Valve Kit for Cooler With Hose Barb

$ 32.95

This includes a 1/2" Full Port Stainless Steel ball valve, 1/2 x 1 1/2 nipple, a Stainless Steel washer and lock nut with 2 FDA food grade silicone o-rings up to 400 degree F. This also includes a full coupler on the back of the bulkhead to allow for the addition of any 1/2" Male NPT fitting you need - barb, Compression fitting, etc. Second o-ring is a spare


Standard Coolers 3/8" - 5/8" wall - Kit comes with 1.5" long nipple (THINNER WALL? - Use a Keg style kit)  

ROUND DRINK COOLER - RUBBERMAID - Kit comes with 1.5" nipple and ADDS one extra SS shim washer.

Thick wall cooler 3/4" - 1.25" wall - Kit comes with a 2.0" long nipple Thicker wall coolers 1 3/8" - 1.5" wall - Kit comes with a 2.5" long nipple

Very Thick wall cooler 1 5/8" - 2.0" wall - Kit comes with a 3.0" long nipple  

Rubbermaid and Igloo;These coolers have an inset at the factory spigot hole and require the following options when ordering: Inside Fitting: False bottom with 3/8" barb - choose 1/2" Female x 1/2" hose barb - use 3/8" ID silicone to connect between them. Female threaded Hose braid - choose Male threaded Hose braid - coupling standard option

Cooler Type: ROUND COOLER extra shim washer Valve:

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