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Cowford Ale Sharing Klub

                               Cowford Ale Sharing Klub Mission

To promote the art and enjoyment of handcrafted brewing and to further
promote the hobby by introducing new people to the art and enjoyment
in the production of the many varieties of beer, ales, wine and meads
available to the homebrewer.

⋅Klub Philosophy⋅

Brewing may be regarded as a science but it is the chemistry between
the ingredients and the brewer that gives beer life.

CASK general info-
CASK offers access to a great variety of beer related klub and
non-klub activities. These activities are meant to facilitate
education about beerstyles and the brewing process, promote the
enjoyment of beer, and provide an environment for social interaction
and camaraderie. Many of the activities CASK offers its members
centers around brewing and competition. Each year CASK tracks the
performance and participation of its members and awards those who
stand out with Brewer of the Year, Member of the Year and Medal of the
Year recognition. CASK also tracks the number of major beer styles
each member enters into competition and assigns them a Brewer Ranking
based on their achievement.Each year CASK hosts the Firs Coast Cup, a
registered AHA/BJCP recognized homebrew competition event and a
cornerstone of the Florida Homebrew Competition Circuit. Last year we
had over 600 entries representing beer, ciders and meads, and we
expect more this year. This 2-day event held at the Four Points by
Sheraton Jacksonville hotel will have 120+ homebrewers in attendance,
including out-of-town beer/cider/mead judges, beer press/bloggers,
volunteers, club members and guests.

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