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Why I became a homebrewer

Why I started Homebrewing


After being introduced to Brooklyn Brewing’s Chocolate Stout, I told my wife “I would like to try and make beer good beer like that”.  Well, that Christmas my wife bought me my first brewing bucket kit.


That was the start of what has been a very enjoyable hobby.  I have made several great friends, I have no idea how many good beers, and yes, a few not-so-good beers also.  I started and continue to run a home brewing supply business and even won a couple of awards thanks to the help from two friends.  When I received my brewing bucket kit, I remember telling my wife that this is all I will ever need to brew great beer.  My first batches were made in the kitchen on the stove and that didn’t last long.  My wife soon ran me out of the kitchen and into the drive way. 




Years later, a two-tier Keggle Brewing system, 20 to 25 corny kegs, two stainless steel conical fermentors, and a three-tap serving system, I realized I was not even close.  Brewing your own beer won’t save you that much money on good beer, but it does give you a great satisfaction, a really fun and rewarding hobby, and the flexibility to adjust the taste to your own liking.  And yes, you have now become one of your neighborhood icons.  Every time a neighbor has a friend over or someone drives by, they say “That’s the guy I was telling you about who brews beer”.  You get asked to a lot more parties but only if you bring beer.  You will make great friendships with fellow brewers and have a chance to attend local and national events.


In closing, the hobby and craft of home brewing is something I hope you also enjoy as much as I do.

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