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Three Rivers Underground Brewers (T.R.U.B.)

  Keggle Brewing is proud to recognize a home brewing club every month.  A recognized homebrew club does several things besides just brewing beer.  Outstanding clubs do many things in their community that set them apart – perhaps members volunteer their time for charity events or schedule and hold educational brewing demonstrations.  Several clubs conduct competitions to challenge and reward fellow homebrewers such as TRASH Competition.  Several clubs hold serving events that benefit charitable organizations such as our local event Brewing Up a Cure.  If you would like your club to be a Keggle Brewing home brewing club of the month, tell us about your club.  We will offer your current club members 10% any purchase that month.  All we ask is you send us a small club bio, your logo or images you want displayed, add a link to us on your website and add us to your newsletter month. 


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