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Three Rivers Alliance of Serious Homebrewers (TRASH)


TRASH is among the oldest continuously operating homebrew clubs in the USA.  In 1985, several homebrewers from the Pittsburgh area had found each other at Chiodo’s, the only local bar serving a good selection of imported beers. They decided to meet on a semi-regular basis and called themselves the Turtle Creek Homebrew club. This name seemed logical since the meetings took place at the founding father and President for Life Tom O’Donnell’s house in Turtle Creek.Club Member Cathy Benson ultimately developed the name we are still known by today. She thought deeply about the attitudes of the group and suggested “alliance” to suit the seriousness of the club. A majority vote confirmed it and the Three Rivers Alliance of Serious Homebrewers, aka TRASH, was born!

TRASH holds an annual BJCP competition, and, like the club itself, it is among the oldest homebrew competitions out there, with the first annual competition being held in 1990.  It is among the region’s largest competitions (375 entries!) and has developed a reputation for being well-organized. This reputation helps attract some of the most highly qualified BJCP judges.  The October 2018 BYO Magazine profiled the TRASH 28 competition in its article on running competitions.

Watch Trash members brew with Chip Walton 


TRASH is based in Southwestern Pennsylvania. By our by-laws our primary missions are to:

Promote the hand-crafting of world beer styles and mead.      
Promote the responsible consumption of beer and alcoholic beverages.
Educate our members and the public to the benefits and enjoyment of home-brewed beer.
Learn how the various beer styles have affected the history and development of civilization.
Membership in this community is open to all homebrewers from novice to expert.  Meetings emphasize a broad exposure to beer styles, opportunities to improve discernment of beer qualities (and defects), includes a brewing technique session, and always includes comradery- all to help members brew the best beers we can.

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