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Free Coccoa Nibs with Purchase

Keggle Brewing will help you make your stout a little different this year.  Try adding some coccoa nibs for a chocolate aroma and flavor.  We will give you 4 oz. of coccoa nibs with every order this week. 

Brew Your Own has a good article,  Brewing with Chocolate


Nibs are essentially crushed cocoa beans that are either raw or slightly roasted.  Raw nibs are lighter in color and don’t have the burnt edge that roasted nibs do so pick your appropriate confection.  Taste them before using and trust your instincts, which is often the homebrewer's best directive.  Raw nibs would fold nicely into a brown ale or porter, however, the roasted nibs would be more at home in a stout.  Each unaltered nugget is roughly the size of a barleycorn.  They can be used directly in the mash, the boil, or suspended in conditioning beer like hops or spices.

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