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Single Tap Fridge Conversion Kit For One Ball Lock Keg

Single Tap Fridge Conversion Kit For One Ball Lock Keg

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Single Tap Home Brewing Refrigerator Keg System with Re-conditioned Corny Keg Kit which comes with all hoses and dis-connects assembled.   Kit comes standard with Chrome Faucet.   Liquid and gas dis-connects are threaded and connect to hoses using swivel nut and stem.

The Kit Includes:
1x: new (empty) Aluminum 5 lb. CO2 cylinder
1x: 2 gauge CO2 regulator with shut-off and check valve
1x: 4' piece of 5/16 gas hose with ball lock dis-connect, swivel nut and stem.
1x: Shank for Refrigerator with all hardware
1x: 5' piece of beer hose ball lock dis-connect with, swivel nut and stem
1x: Chrome Beer Faucet with Brass Lever that screws directly into shank
1x: Cornelius style 5-gallon ball lock keg, reconditioned and pressure tested
1x: Standard faucet wrench

Everything in this kit is new (except the kegs).   Kegs have been dis-assembled, inside cleaned with a PBW solution, washed and cleaned on the outside, re-assembled with new o-rings on the dip tubes and poppets, and a new o-ring is placed on the lid  The kegs are pressure-tested.  All decals, stickers and glue have been removed.     The kegs you receive will not be the ones that are shown in picture.  Please allow 5 to 10 days for delivery.  Drip tray not included.

This kit can also be made to different specifications.

This is very easy to set up.  Drill hole 7/8 in refrigerator door, insert shank, and attach beer nut and gasket assembly.

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