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Keggle with Ball Valve and Thermometer

Keggle with Ball Valve and Thermometer

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Add Keggle Brewing Lid
Upgrade To New 15.5 Gallon keg
Additional Port and Coupler
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Keggle with Ball Valve and Thermometer

It's a keg that's a keggle.  We begin with a used 15.5 Gal keg.  With two 1/2 inch Full stainless coupler,s one fitted with a new three-piece Stainless Steel Ball Valve and nipple, the other equipped with a 0 to 250 Thermometer, 12-inch hole cut in the top and clean and de-burred Tig Welds. This Keggle can be used as a Boil Kettle, Mash Tun or Hot Water Tank.  The Keggle you receive may not be the exact one shown in the picture.  Please allow seven to fourteen days for delivery.  Drain tube is not included in this kit. 

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