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American Homebrewers Association Membership

American Homebrewers Association Membership

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Homebrewing community begins with AHA    the American Homebrewers Association.  

AHA homebrewing community is 40,000 strong that is a lot of support. The benefits and programs that come with an AHA membership.  

Homebrew Zymurgy magazine:  six issues of the longest-running homebrew magazine each year, Access current and past issues online with eZymurgy or via the Zymurgy mobile app

"Zymology is an applied science which studies the biochemical process of fermentation and its practical uses. Typical topics include the selection of fermenting yeast and bacteria species and their use in brewing, wine making, fermenting milk, and the making of other fermented foods."

AHA Swag Discounts:  discount offers on all new releases from Brewers Publications,  10% off all swag in the American Homebrewers Association Store.  

Insider deals:  Select offers at nearly 1,000 participate locations, counting breweries, bars, restaurants, homebrew supply shops and more!

Select Events:  HomeBrew CON, So many festivals Admittance to the National Homebrew Competition, National Homebrewers Conference, Great American Beer Festival ® Pro-Am Competition, Great American Beer Festival Members Session ticket sale, and free AHA Rallies near you.  

Brew Better Beer:  Beer brewed with friends is always better, and AHA is a great place to begin AHA gives back not just in education  in fundraising. AHA is always fighting for the right to homebrew giving you a stronger voice. Stand with us  

Join the AHA today  

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