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15 Gallon Ball Lock Factory Second Keg

15 Gallon Ball Lock Factory Second Keg

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Part Number:KEG15

These are new 15-gallon Ball Lock corny type keg.   These are excellent kegs for secondary fermenting or serving.  

These are factory seconds

What is a factory second
While welding the bottom chime to the keg body, there maybe a mis-weld that requires re-welding, during re-welding there may be some excessive weld visable from the outside and inside.  There may be a small ding (not a dent) in the keg body Either condition does not affect the performance of the keg.

These kegs do ship direct from the manufacture, therefore we do not inspect these.  The manufacture does not warranty these kegs except for not holding pressure.

We have been selling these 15 Gallon factory second kegs for nearly 10 years and have had maybe five returned.

 All have been leak-checked and pressure-tested from the factory.

 All have been leak checked and pressure-tested from the factory.   The kegs are 13 inch Diameter and 36 inch tall.

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