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 Robobrew All Grain Brewing System - 35L/9.25G

Robobrew All Grain Brewing System - 35L/9.25G

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There is no easier way for homebrewers to get directly into all-grain brewing than the new Robobrew.  It is really intuitive to use and included directions and multiple online videos brewers help make it easy to learn.  Because it is electric and runs on 110v power it is an easy plug and brew solution. Pair it with a $100 fermentation kit and you have a great direct to all-gain starter kit. 

Dual heating elements run off of a single 110 volt plug and have individual switches allowing for more control over the heating process. One element is 1000 watts and the other is 500 for a combined 1500 watts! Use both when you need to ramp up the temperature quickly either at the start to get to your mash temp or to go from your mash temp to boiling. Use only one of the elements when you want to hold a temperature.

Also included is an on-board water resistant control panel for setting and monitoring temperatures. You can also set a delayed start of up to 23 hours in advance so that you can have your water hot and ready to go when you get home from work or get up in the morning. 

The brewery also includes a removable stainless steel malt pipe with false bottom allowing you to easily shift from mash tun to boil kettle during your brew day. The malt pipe includes a handle to lift it from the RoboBrew and tabs at the base so you can set the malt pipe over the RoboBrew to let the wort drain out. It also has feet at its base to raise the malt pipe slightly off the base and help prevent clogging.

There is also a verion with the pump. While most may opt for that, this pump-less model is really extra simple to use and the efficiency is still amazingly good.  

Note: The manual references an element for a different market.  This unit comes with a two heating elements for a total of 1,500 watts.


  • Stainless steel 1/2 in ball valve
  • Immersion wort chiller included
  • Digital temperature controller
  • Stainless steel malt pipe
  • Dual heating elements (1000 watts and 500 watts)
  • 110 volt plug
  • 21.625 in H x 12.5 in D
  • You might also want:
  • 2' of 1/2" ID Silicone tubing for draining.
  • To connect included Chiller: 20' of 3/8" ID tubing, 3 small hose clamps and 1 brass hose thread by 3/8" thread adaptor. 
4 Stars
The Robobrew single vessel all-in-one home brewing system is a terrific way of getting into all-grain home brewing. Most home brewers start off with simple malt extract (eg Coopers) brewing, then graduate to so called "kit and kilo" brewing, partial mash, and then all grain. Robobrew combines the functions of mash tun, sparging vessel and kettle in one unit. Briefly, it consists of a modified stainless steel urn with two heating elements in the base (500 and 1900W for 2400W total). It has a large stainless steel "malt pipe" with a perforated ba se which fits inside the unit: this is for holding the malt. There is a study ball-lock tap outlet, and an electronic display for selecting temperature. The unit also comes with a stainless steel immersion wort chiller. So how does it all work? Put in your calculated volume of strike water, turn on both elements to heat to your desired mash temperature, put in your malt pipe, pour in your malt and start mashing away! After an hour or so, you raise the malt pipe and place the included stand underneath to start sparging (washing the malt). While this is happening, you can start heating the water to boil temperature for your boil.
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