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Keggle Brewing is the origial company to create, make and sell pre-made Keggles for home brewers.  Our Keggles are used 15.5 gallon kegs converted to Boil Keggles, Mash Keggles, or HLT Keggles. The 12-inch opening is the cleaned and deburred. These keggles are all hand made with the same craftsman ship that your home has. 
 Products (Total Items: 4)
DIY Basic Keggle
DIY Basic Keggle
Your Price: $175.00
Keggle with Ball Valve and Thermometer
Keggle with Ball Valve and Thermometer
Your Price: $230.00
Home Brewing Keggle
Home Brewing Keggle
Your Price: $275.00
Complete Home Brewing Keggle
Complete Home Brewing Keggle
Your Price: $399.95